Mortimer’s Mansion Brochure


The front and back of a brochure for Mortimer's Mansion used at LexPLay
The front and back of a brochure for Mortimer’s Mansion used at LexPLay

In helping create Mortimer’s Mansion (an indie, VR horror game for the Vive system) we were eventually tasked with creating things to be used to advertise what we had done and to garner more attention for it for LexPlay.

Considering I was in charge of most of the social networking and advertising for Mortimer’s Mansion, it was thought to be a good idea to also have a brochure that we could give out both before and during the convention, to gather more attention and bodies to our specific wing of the event.  Shylo (our team lead) asked for both myself and my wife (Christina) to help create and finalize a brochure that she had started on, and wanted us to include pictures of most (if not all) of the participants in the project.  Christina had the wonderful idea to create keyhole borders around the faces (if we were indeed using the Mortimer’s Mansion logo that one of our devs (Zach) had created, to kind of tie in the whole theme of having to unlock enough puzzles to get a key to finally unlock the library door for the player to escape.  This was the first brochure/magazine entry I’ve ever had to create (other than a basic one back in high school for the Ski Team), and feel that the overall outline, design, look, and colors fits our HVRE theme perfectly!