Ronin Yeti Designs 1st Logo

The first and current logo for my freelancing group
The first and current logo for my freelancing group

During my time at BCTC, I have learned how to use Photoshop, Maya, Unity, and many other programs that I never even touched before.  I have been tasked with creating models, design documents, characters, logos, and many other creations and have been both challenged and enthralled with these projects!

Eventually I was tasked with creating a logo that represented myself and/or a video game company; in which for this one, I took my nickname (Yeti, from the name “Yetcen”) and expounded upon it.  I drew up a stylized yeti face with two katanans criss-crossing behind the head, two yin-yang symbols on either side, an infinite symbol laying in the background, then I decided to wrap around some blue ribbons on both sides, and even created a ribbon banner under the yeti head, with the name I had decided upon: “Ronin Yeti Designs.”  At this time, I hadn’t learned enough about developing video games to give myself a name that totally encompassed that type of work, so I went with the generic “Designs,” to signify that my freelancing company would be able to provide other services (like web site design, overall graphic design, and among other things).

I still use this logo as my main one, even months after the fact, because I feel it sums up myself and the work I do, pretty well.  Perhaps here soon I will end up designing a revamped logo, or an entirely different one, but based on the same themes!

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