Mortimer’s Mansion 1st Logo

The first logo for the indie VR game "Mortimer's Mansion"
The first logo for the indie VR game “Mortimer’s Mansion”

An indie, volunteer VR horror/puzzle game made by a group of local game developers in Lexington, Kentucky (RunJumpDev), “Mortimer’s Mansion” was created over a span of several months in the year of 2016, and is scheduled to be presented at this year’s LexPlay gaming convention at the end of October of 2016.  I was tasked with various jobs, one including designing and creating a specific, themed puzzle (out of many) for the game.

One day, in my spare time, I thought I’d create a type of game logo, perhaps even a flash screen, for our game.  At this point, we had been using a lot of placeholder art for both the game itself and the social networking sites we had been updating on; so I took it upon myself to try to give our little game a face that people online could connect to.  This was essentially the first game logo/splash screen I ever made (which is kind of obvious with its simplicity), and went through a few different iterations until I decided upon this one.

At the time, as well, the game didn’t have an official name (we were still up in the air as to exactly what it would be called, even though the words “Mortimer” and “mansion” were definitely going to make it in the finalized version; and as you can see, the name changed from this to the standard “Mortimer’s Mansion.”  I found a nice, old library picture from google and used it as the background (after placing some filters on it), I took one of the puzzles from the game – in this case, the Bust puzzle – and attempted to create a symbol with it (hence the four freaky heads placed beside one another), and then I added the text in a stylized font with some extra features to give it a more unsettling feeling.  I feel this could have been better, but for being a first try, just for a few hours one night, I think it turned out rather neat!

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