Chimerdermy Puzzle Piece Models, Cont.

An indie, volunteer VR horror/puzzle game made by a group of local game developers in Lexington, Kentucky (RunJumpDev), “Mortimer’s Mansion” was created over a span of several months in the year of 2016, and is scheduled to be presented at this year’s LexPlay gaming convention at the end of October of 2016.  I was tasked with various jobs, one including designing and creating a specific, themed puzzle (out of many) for the game.

As the project went along, we gained people and ideas, and eventually had to trim away some ideas because some of said people had left for various reasons, as well; but the core team of about 8 people or so held firm and fought through the entirety of the game production process.  We first started with a game that would take place in various rooms throughout a mansion, involving a player and about 6 “playable NPCs” that would be played by real people and would physically interact with the person with the Vive headset on.  We came to find out that was a bit ambitious, and scaled it down to a 6-player, 12-puzzle, 60 minute experience in a single room (a wing of a giant library), with a hidden room that would eventually open for the players at one point in the game.  This version, too, had to be trimmed down a tad, which made it into the final version we’ll be presenting at this year’s video game convention called LexPlay; where the game is now a single-player, 15 minute, 4-random-puzzle experience that will also add back some narrative that we had lost in the 2nd version.

In the next (and last) post about these models, I’ll explain some of the puzzles that made it into final version, and more specifically about the puzzle that I created and have been posting about!

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