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The very first logo I created in Photoshop
The very first logo I created in Photoshop

During my time at BCTC, I have learned how to use Photoshop, Maya, Unity, and many other programs that I never even touched before.  I have been tasked with creating models, design documents, characters, logos, and many other creations and have been both challenged and enthralled with these projects!

One of the very first projects I had to do during my first semester was a basic logo for a pretend graphic design firm; which at this point I was VERY green with programs like Photoshop, but was determined (and frightened) to create something not completely generic.  At this point, I hadn’t yet come up with the name “Ronin Yeti Designs” – even though I had side projects going on at the time under a similar name – and was trying to use alliteration to create a catchy title, and unearth latent Photoshop abilities to create something that went with “At-Home Artists.”  I feel, for a first try, this was a decent attempt at creating a nice, clean logo that simplifies the message of what the “company” would be about, and has a nice dichotomy between the blue in the background, the yellow in the foreground, and the gradient in the middle using both colors.

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