Kamina Minion Model


A minion in the likeness of Kamina from Gurren Lagann
A minion in the likeness of Kamina from Gurren Lagann

During my second foray into the college life, I decided to go for an Associate’s in Video Game Design (specifically for the artsy side of the process, rather than the technical parts, for now).  During these two years at BCTCS, I have learned how to create GDDs appropriately, construct 3D models using Maya, create textures for those models (using Photoshop and Maya), import assets and create small games with said assets within Unity, and learned overall about the new and old techniques it takes to make an efficient and unique video game.

Halfway into my 3rd semester at BCTC, I was tasked with the creation of my very first character model; of which, for this project, had to be of a minion from the movie series “Despicable Me.”  We were asked to either create one from the movies, or design and model a version of our choosing.  When I first started the model, I was wanting to create a goth/emo-like minion, sporting a mohawk, spiked bracelets, and the like.  As I began to develop the mesh further, I started to create a cape for some reason, which gave me the idea to make a Dracula-esque minion, with fangs and so forth.  However, as the cape took shape, all I could think of was one thing; Kamina from the anime Gurren Lagann, and how awesome it would be to see a minion that looked like him in his full garb – with giant sunglasses and all!

As you can see, things went better than expected, and I even eventually added pants and a belt near the end, because a theme of all minions is that they all wear pants (maybe because of their horrific-looking genitalia…whose to say!) and also because my wife kept insisting that he wear some.

I am very proud and humbled by this model; mostly because I was freaking out before I began the project, thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it, but luckily I was able to persevere, anyway.  But also because this was the very first character I have ever modeled, and it didn’t turn out looking like total ass, lol!

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