Chimeradermy Puzzle Piece Models

An indie, volunteer VR horror/puzzle game made by a group of local game developers in Lexington, Kentucky (RunJumpDev), “Mortimer’s Mansion” was created over a span of several months in the year of 2016, and is scheduled to be presented at this year’s LexPlay gaming convention at the end of October of 2016.  I was tasked with various jobs, one including designing and creating a specific, themed puzzle (out of many) for the game.

During my 2nd semester at BCTC, an organization of local game devs – “RunJumpDev” – were coming together for the second year in a row to create something they called HVRE (which stands for “Halloween Virtual Reality Experience”).  The year before, for a small get together around Halloween time, the first HVRE presented was of a VR horror game that some members of RunJumpDev had created over the span of a few months.  This second year, they were looking to expand on what they had done previously, and even to the point of wanting to use a Vive VR headset (instead of the somewhat stationary Gear VR they had used before).  They enlisted volunteers of various ages and backgrounds from several places (which ended up being over 20 people in all, testers included) and I just so happened to be one of those lucky people!

From the very get-go, I was tasked with social networking (to keep up a weekly blog of our progress on our personal Wix page and to update our Twitter page a couple of times, weekly), helping come up with ideas for overall narrative, puzzle design, lore, and mechanics, and I also even got to design an entire puzzle from scratch, being able to create models and textures for my idea, as well!

Above are the final versions of some of the models I created, these being the centralized pieces for the actual interactive pieces that I will be posting soon enough!

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