The 1st Version of Signa Concept

The first (but not current) concept of Signa
The first (but not current) concept of Signa

The cosmic laws and entities of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse are both similar and alien to our own.  There are planets and suns, with various types of life on some of them, but the ways these bodies work is not always exactly the same as ours.

The idea for the 5th and final playable planet (even though there are two other playable areas after Signa, but they are not planets) was mostly to try to conceive of where Kendell was originally from; considering Kendell is such an important character, I figured the reasons behind him being so important must have to somewhat do with his environment and how he lived.  Kendell, even back in the RPGMaker days, has always been a font for technology and inventions, and I wanted to create a planet that displayed the side-effects of his possible experiments.  With that being said, the 1st version above (which coincided, like Jagg, with the paper version) began to take the shape of a planet that had, over a long period of time, been transformed into something quite unnatural; a mechanized, uniform version of its old, organic self.  I wanted to basically create a planet where the inhabitants no longer had to rely on working, trading, or even hobbies to pass the time – where everything was provided for them through (energy, food, water, clothing, information, etc) in a split second within the Supply Citadels and they all lived in designated Residential Columns; they were also all plugged into a type of hivemind when they were alive, and would be mass buried inside the Cloud Buster Mausoleums when they died.

A lot of the same concepts (both lore-wise and physical features) stayed the same for the 2nd version that would follow; which can be seen in this post, among others.  I hope that by the time, regardless of what the final version will be like, the player will touch down on Signa with a feeling very similar to Jagg, but in a somewhat inverse effect, to where everything around them should look like it supports life – in which it still will, at that point – but there is barely any to be found.

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