Original Chaos Warriors | Grave (Throwback)


Original concepts for a Chaos Warrior known as Grave, circa 2002
Original concepts for a Chaos Warrior known as Grave, circa 2002

I have yet to really go into any information regarding the set of 5 “warriors” that are purposed to be the antitheses to the 5 main Buntaiens I have been posting about; which have been named in the past – and still have this name presently, so far – “Chaos Warriors” (since “Buntaien” loosely means “Balance/Nature/Cosmic Angel”); so here are some older concepts of some of them.

Originally – and this is still true presently – Grave was the codename given to the 2nd of the 4 Yin-clones, so far, created by Dr. Kendell.  Grave was the only clone to have been built from the ground-up, using both biological and mechanical components; another unique quality of Grave was the fact he also had no eyes, or visual senses, but had a piece of a Kay Crystal Heart embedded into his throat, giving him a keen sense of spatial awareness.  Graves antitheses match was supposed to be Yenen (considering they were made from the same set of clones), and was supposed to counter his life/energy powers with void powers (not really death, per se, but more like limbo or “nothing”).  Grave is still planned for being a final Mock Buntaien (part of present Kendell’s 2nd set of synthetic Buntaiens), but will have a drastically different origins, physical features, and otherwise different persona (however the innate abilities of “void” will more than likely still be used).  I would like to not only have him in “The Buntaien Souls” RPG, where he is originally from, but also possibly have him (and the other Chaos Warriors) as added characters in the “Buntaien Brawlers” fighting title, as well.

Look forward to a new concept of Grave in the future!

The 1st Version of Jagg Concept

The first (but not current) concept of Jagg
The first (but not current) concept of Jagg

The cosmic laws and entities of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse are both similar and alien to our own.  There are planets and suns, with various types of life on some of them, but the ways these bodies work is not always exactly the same as ours.

Jagg is relatively new in the timeline of ideas for “Legends of Saviors,” and wasn’t even conceived of until the summer of 2015, right before I got back into college.  Originally in the fan-fiction version of “LoS,” the adventure that the Buntaiens would go on was supposed to span across the universe.  Following that, the RPGMaker version combined all of the previous ideas, and molded them onto a single planet; where each continent would, in essence, act and look like the other planets I had created at the time.  When I had finally picked the project back up years later, I decided to go back into my original idea of having a science fiction, fantasy, role playing game set across many different planets; however, this time, it wouldn’t be taking place in a universe, as we know it, but within the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse’s Perspectives.

As for the 1st version of Jagg (which both the paper-concept and Photoshop version were created aside one another), I wanted to capture a sense of wonder and dread for when the player touched down on this planet.  I wanted them to have to see a world that had possibly been beautiful at one point, but would now be almost utterly destroyed (on a civilization sense), and would have to figure out as to why this event had occurred.  Also, with the giant Kay Shard piercing through the entire planet, I wanted to invoke wonderment and even foreshadowing, as to both astound the player with something new to see, and to get them even more ready for what would follow.  Initially, Jagg was within the Life Sol-System, and as such, the Alpha Species were going to be oxygen-breathing creatures who lived among a lush and almost Par’N-like surface.  At one point in their history, the planet was to be flooded up to the peaks of their highest mountains, by some “explainable” event, and it basically was an extinction event for most of the flora and fauna of the planet.  However, with new lore and history concepts (and the fact that Jagg being in the Life Sol-System didn’t make sense in the long run) – and changing out the position of the planet to the Water Sol-System (Signa, to follow, would then be put in place, within the Life Sol-System, instead) – the 2nd version (which can be seen in this post) was created to present even more drama, intrigue, and overall depth to the player.

The Original RuMa (Throwback)

First, true concept of RuMa, circa 2003
First, true concept of RuMa, circa 2003

The origins of “Legends of Saviors” lies within a Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT and Mortal Kombat amalgamated fan-fiction I had acted out with friends, wrote documents on, created a D&D campaign based on the lore, and crafted a short game made in RPGMaker.  I still have drawings from those days, and thought some people might be interested in what was going on almost two decades ago.

The origins of RuMa (and even MaRu, the polar opposite of a RuMa) are tied to an old game I used to play at recess in elementary school.  It was about some demi-god named “Rule Master” who ruled over Earth (a type of fantasy-like Earth), and was tasked with the guardianship of the universe; starting to sound a bit familiar?  His nemesis was another demi-god, named eloquently “Master Rule,” who defied him at ever turn, and it was up to Rule Master and his gang of fighters to fight back the ever-increasing tide of darkness.  However, for Master Rule’s origin, he was the counterpoint of what RuMa stood for, and wasn’t inherently evil at first, but a certain “virus” had overtaken him for many years, and was beginning to reshape the purpose of this entity and form.  For a long time, Rule Master would be the main character of the recess game/fan-fiction I had created, that is, up until Dragon Ball Z came into my life, and brought with it a plethora of new characters and stories to create an even better fan-fiction with.

It wasn’t until a few years before the RPGMaker version, that I had finally found new roles for Rule Master and Master Rule (which would be renamed RuMa and MaRu, respectively), to keep their overall stories intact and to add even more depth to their purposes.  RuMa went from being a physical individual that could transport among different planets and even dimensions – fighting off evil incarnations as he went along – into an ethereal entity which is present on every planet within the many Perspectives.  Considering RuMas (or RuMa could be used a plural, as well) are tied to their designated “temples” (examples would be the mountainous extrusion on Par’N, the sprawling volcano on Katu, etc.), their essence and spirits can not leave those domiciles; once their begin to try to leave the space of their areas, they begin to dissipate and lose cohesion.  One way to rectify keeping RuMa tied to only one area on one planet, was to allow RuMa to be able to be “projected” (or exist) onto multiple planets, where each RuMa is basically the same as the others, and they can all “astral communicate” with one another, feel what the others feel, and almost look exactly the same as each other (with slight variations, depending on the planet they inhabit).

There is a lot to be said about RuMa/Rule Master, and his overall involvement in the titles of “LoS,” but I think I will save more of the details for later, when I get around to recreating a new concept of a RuMa!