The Planet Signa/Tara Concept

The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Signa/Tara
The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Signa/Tara

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 5th playable cosmic entity (the last playable planet), known as Signa (originally known as Tara), within the Saro Perspective.

Signa (within its 1st and part of its 2nd Phase, it was known as Tara), and the rest of the cosmic entities that takes place after it, are all very new concepts and eventually should help lead to an amazing final arc, straight into the conclusion.  The name “Kendell” has come up a lot in prior posts, and this character has been around almost as long as the original concepts for the 5 main characters in the beginning.  Dr. Kendell was originally a human scientist and doctor who helped prefect the art of cloning; in which after many years of research, felt he needed to up the ante by attempting to clone gods (or god-like beings).  There were originally a set of 4 Yin-clone’s he created (Yenen and Draegon being two of them), and he would set them out for various tasks for funding, technology, etc.  Kendell has been – and still is – one of the most crucial characters of the Saro Perspective and all that transpires there.  For a long time, I never really visualized or even drew concepts on the home planet, where Kendell was from or worked on, but eventually got around to doing so in the summer of 2015.  I knew I wanted to have a beautiful, organic planet be turned into, over time (and with the new lore and history of both Signa and Kendell) to a uniform, mechanized sphere with nary a life form to be found; to show a complete transformation, and create a species and culture that surrounded those ideas.  I feel this version (an updated one from version 1, which I will be posting more about later, in a “Throwback” post) certainly encapsulates what I had finally envisioned, and looks pretty unique and simple, at the same time.

If you are interested in more details of the newest concept of Signa/Tara, check out this post and this post!

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