In-Game Dan Tien Medallion Concepts

A concept for an active Kaiel' Dan Tien Medallion
A concept for an active Kaiel’ Dan Tien Medallion
Concept Paint drawings for different themes for Kaiel's Dan Tien Medallion
Concept Paint drawings for different themes for Kaiel’s Dan Tien Medallion

Within the 3D-Arena, Fighting title “Buntaien Brawlers,” players will be able to engage in many different modes, with a cast of diverse characters, on a various amounts of planets/Arenas, using powerful and distinct abilities to brawl against other Buntaiens (both offline and online).

Before starting back to college in the fall of 2015, I had started writing down and drawing out some concepts having to do with various things to do with the games in the “Legends of Saviors” series; characters, levels, and interfaces and mechanics, included.  One mechanic, in particular, from “BB” (and possibly even “TBS”) had to do with how the player(s) would be able to to use their character’s special abilities against another character.  Without saying too much about how the actual mechanic would works (I could go over this specific mechanic in more detail, with updated images on a later post), basically one’s Dan Tien Medallion (which is used as a Chi [health], Soul [rage/stamina-like], and Essence [mana/magic] indicator) could be interacted with; and depending on the platform you would be playing on, you could either use a controller/mouse or touchscreen/motion controls to swipe in different variations within the Medallion, itself, to do different moves (as the first picture above somewhat shows).

Each Buntaien would have their own Medallion, set in their own theme, with differing colors, shapes, and styles, to help set them apart (from an interface point of view).  As the crude, second picture posted above shows, the Medallions would not only showcase their specific “elements,” but also reveal something about each character; the example above shows how Kaiel’s might show signs of his dual-existence (with the water and ice showing, and also the horns being present), and the conflict it creates.

Another version of the Medallions can be seen in this post and this post.

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