Original Planet Icons Concepts

The original icons for each of the main playable areas
The original icons for each of the main playable areas

Within the titles of the “Legends of Saviors” series, there will be a diverse set of playable areas; more specifically, planets, “stars,” and space installations.

In the summer of 2015, I started classes at BCTC for Graphic Design upon a Video Game track, and I was taught the basics of Photoshop.  Within a couple of weeks I started, for the first time, using Photoshop to try to create stuff from my old project I had worked on many years prior, and began to get motivated to completely overhaul my old ideas into better ones.

From left to right, top to bottom, the first two icons are for both the (what is now termed as) Proto Par’N and Present Par’N (respectively), the 3rd icon was the first version of Primal Katu (when it had four rivers instead of two), the 4th icon is Present Hatz (with smaller “Colossal Breaches” than what can now be seen on the newer concepts), the 5th icon is the old version of Present Jagg (when originally, the planet had been flooded, instead of frozen), the 6th icon is Present Signa (which, in my opinion, kept the same concept, but now looks MUCH better).  As for the last column of icons, those are kind of secret, and are still in development, conceptually.  I plan on posting histories, legends, and videos of their newer versions whenever I get them finished!

The Original Yenen, Cont. (Throwback)

The origins of “Legends of Saviors” lies within a Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT and Mortal Kombat amalgamated fan-fiction I had acted out with friends, wrote documents on, created a D&D campaign based on the lore, and crafted a short game made in RPGMaker.  I still have drawings from those days, and thought some people might be interested in what was going on almost two decades ago.

As time progressed, so did the style and story of Yenen.  Even 10 years ago, around the same time the picture above was drawn, Yenen’s story had blossomed into something far deeper than previously conceived about him.  His origins and actions will now play a crucial role not only for a couple of planets, but has (and will again) been the catalyst for much change within the Saro Perspective, itself.

The first picture posted above was drawn around the same time I had first redesigned Yenen (to be less Saiyan/Namek, and more unique) into a bulky version of his original form.  Again, in my mind, I never felt like Yenen was a muscle-bound character, and believed he relied mostly on his speed and wit to get him through situations, so eventually (and this was around the same time as the RPGMaker version of “The Buntaien Souls” – named “The Souls Within,” originally – was being created) I redrew him again (the second picture posted), but more to coincide with how the in-game sprite of his character looked; which luckily looked thinner.  As for the third picture posted, I drew this a year after I had quit making the RPGMaker version (which was around 2005), and since then, I feel this is the best profile of Yenen, to date; I believe it encompasses both his determination, but also his serenity (or perhaps his veil, thereof).

The Planet Katu Concept

The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Katu
The 3 Historic Phases of the planet Katu

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 2nd playable cosmic entity (a planet in this case), known as Katu, within the Saro Perspective.

Katu (like Par’N and Hatz) has been one of the main planet ideas that survived the test of time, and is being elaborated on, and will eventually be used in some of the titles.  In essence, from a game design standpoint, Katu is going to act both as the actual start of a player’s journey as a Buntaien and all that entails; traveling to space, to different planets, helping – or hurting – the cultures and creatures therein, among other things.  The second way Katu is going to be used is a tool to compare and contrast the various other planets that will follow in the journey.  Katu is in a somewhat perpetual Primal Phase throughout most of its history, mostly because of the lack of obtainable Kay Material (which is the catalyst for most, if not all technology that can be found on the planets of the Saro Perspective – and even others).  The culture, the style of their architecture, the beliefs they carry, and the rituals they carry out; all of these will seem a bit archaic (even compared to the “fallout-type” world of Par’N), and I would love to create a feeling of progression for the player, for the characters, the overall story, the cultures on each planet, and especially the way the “spirit” of the game feels and reverberates within the people playing.

An example (specifically for the RPG title, “The Buntaien Souls,” in this case), you start out on a “fallout-type” planet, dealing with the chaos there, you then move on to a world with more structure, with a somewhat stable civilization (but is still behind in some ways), then move onto a planet that once had amazing cultures, but now is reliant on deceit, trade, and the cultivation of lost technology from the bottoms of their Under-Ocean (which begins to introduce actual Kay Material and working technology – which will coincide with technology beginning to be turned on, back on Par’N).  At this point, and even after this time, I hope to begin building up a sense of wonderment and progress – for what Kay Material actually is and how technology plays a major role in most of the Alpha Species of Saro – to help the player get ready for new data they will eventually be receiving on other planets about the nature of the “universe” of the game, and to fill in gaps from their past experiences, as to create an even stronger platform to propel them forward into the climax of the game!

If you are interested in more details of the newest concept of Katu, check out this post and this post!