The Original Yenen (Throwback)


The original drawings of Yenen, circa 2001 & 2002
The original drawings of Yenen, circa 2001 & 2002

The origins of “Legends of Saviors” lies within a Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT and Mortal Kombat amalgamated fan-fiction I had acted out with friends, wrote documents on, created a D&D campaign based on the lore, and crafted a short game made in RPGMaker.  I still have drawings from those days, and thought some people might be interested in what was going on almost two decades ago.

Originally, and simply, Yenen was a clone created from the genetics of Piccolo, Vegeta (both from the Dragon Ball Z series) – hence his Namekian antennae and very Vegeta-like widows peak and facial features – and the Yin-god of the Saro Perspective.  He was used as a living weapon, for around 500 years, to take care of Kendell’s enemies, whoever those might have been at any given time.  Eventually, Yenen (at this time, his original name was Yinen – but now has been changed to Yin-En, to indicate a designation, of sorts) was sent to a desolate moon where a certain group of people ran a type of “mercenary outpost/outlet” within a single, giant, towering building on the spheroid.  Consequently, he was beaten so badly, he was sent spiraling through space, and eventually landed within Par’N’s ocean (where he was then found and treated by RuMa of Par’N).  After coming too, he then trained with RuMa and Draegon, so that they might be strong enough to fight back “evil” and find the other Buntaiens who had not awoken yet.

In the present day, this origin story shares similar aspects and traits, however a lot of details have been changed, to hopefully create a more deep, flowing, and overarching story.  As you can see from the second picture, I was attempting to get away from the fan-fiction I had created, and was trying to create characters that didn’t share so much with my favorite entertainment mediums.  I also added some mass to Yenen, which ultimately I didn’t prefer, which I change later for another picture (which I will post soon).  The overall features, however, have not changed from the inception to the latest concept picture – the blue, spiky, long hair, the blue eyes, the fang in the mouth, the pointy nose, pointy chin, etc.

If you’d like to see the most current version of Yenen, check this post out!

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