Wajoby (aka Jakob Sughes) Concept

The 5th playable character of an ensemble cast
The 5th, and final, playable character of an ensemble cast

Within the Fighting title and first RPG game of the “Legends of Saviors,” players can also take on the role of Wajoby, the Earth Buntaien of Order, within the Saro Perspective.

Wajoby of Par’n of the Saro Perspective was once known as a Star Vicar, turned Star Seeker, known as Jakob Sughes, who was the only known returner and survivor of the mission to help the Buntaiens of the Reksta Perspective create balance.  After he made it back alive, he came bearing rare information as to what he experienced in Reksta, and – with the help of RuMa of Par’N – was able to change cosmic rules within the rest of the Perspectives; most specially on how Buntaiens would be summoned from that point, onward.  For his service and help, he was adorned and transformed into the first Buntaien of Saro, but not to act not as a “cosmic angel” to balance out the universe, but more as a watcher and guardian of the OVERALL balance of all planets, instead of each, individual one.   As the oldest and wisest Buntaien of Saro, he has seen the advent and somewhat inevitable decline of many civilizations over many centuries, but has not been able to do much about it, considering his role had been diminished to a type of sentinel.  Eventually, after many personal confrontations with a being just as powerful as he, he was confronted by this same entity on his home planet of Par’N, and at almost the cost of the entire planet, he was able to find a way to defeat this fiend, but was launched off into space, as a consequence, and crashed into the Under Ocean of Hatz.  The player will eventually find their way on that same planet – in an attempt, no less, to find the 5th, and final Buntaien – and will have to figure out what is causing the troubles of the planet, and find the original Buntaien of the Saro Perspective.

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