The Algorithmia, Part 1

It has always been planned that I were to create a game(s), it would be filled with believable, dense, and fanatical lore that would try to tie-in each theme into one other.  With this in mind, I have been working on said lore, people, cultures, planets, history, etc. for many years, trying to figure out something compelling and receivable.  I hope to bring old traditions of certain cultures to modern people through various themes, and to engender an experience that transcends the gaming system it is played on.

In this PowerPoint presentation, I wanted to try to convey a “pre-origin” story for the entirety of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse in a very uniform, simplistic, yet term and symbol-filled way, that could answer certain questions that interested people might have, and also arise new ones, to summon up a sense of wonder, within the viewer.

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