Planet Signa (aka Tara) Legend

The different landmarks of the planet Signa
The different landmarks of the planet Signa

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 5th playable planet, known as Signa (originally known as Tara), within the Saro Perspective.

The Tarakins once were rooted into the ground (during their pre-evolved state), literally, and would join with other Tarakins to create Gatherings, in which they would be able to move through the soil faster and farther; they would criss-cross along the surface, going from one forest to another.  Eventually, once they evolved, most Tarakins used their energy-controlling abilities to stretch, morph, tease, and experiment on the various elements of their environment.  Once the Normg Virus affects the planet, one Tarakin, in particular – Kendell – begins to almost immediately create various types of technology, some of which would be mechanical appendages, cloning the flora and fauna of the planet, and eventually cloning his people and building a gigantic city for all of them to prosper in.  An eventual theory called the “Total Preservation Movement,” devised by Kendell and others, would create a type of “mechaforming” technology that would “preserve” their planet, but in a more immortal sense; to never decay or break-down.  Sadly, over time, after Kendell became Insignacious and the planet and its people changed their identity and most of their environment even further, Signa became a very desolate and stagnate planet, where ideas, inventions, and even its people would become scarce commodities.  The reasons behind Signa’s almost rapid decline in overall activity isn’t understood at this moment, and even the RuMas of other planets can’t seem to tap into the energies of the planet.

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