Buntaien Brawlers Start and Solo Menus


Conceptual in-game menus for the Fighting title, "Legends of Saviors: Buntaien Brawlers"
Conceptual in-game menus for the Fighting title, “Legends of Saviors: Buntaien Brawlers”

Within the 3D-Arena, Fighting title “Buntaien Brawlers,” players will be able to engage in many different modes, with a cast of diverse characters, on a various amounts of planets/Arenas, using powerful and distinct abilities to brawl against other Buntaiens (both offline and online).

This is the 1st conceptual version (created in Photoshop) of both the Start Menu and the Solo Mode Menu for a possible mobile or touchscreen version (but the interface could be changed, even slightly, to make it better for PC or console play).  At first, when you would start up the game, 5 different suns – that represent 5 different sub-menus – can be rotated in both directions so the player can pick what they need to (which of the choices for this instance would be Solo Mode, Multiplayer Modes, Video Options, Sound Options, and Exit Game).  When a player chooses any of the 5 “sun menus,” the sun would begin to visually get close to the screen, showing a new interface – which for this example will be for Solo Mode – where you could then pick the Buntaien you want to play as, and then the Battle Arena you want to fight in; you are also given the options to either go ahead and start the Brawl, or back out to the main menu.  The theme here, like with the in-game interface, would try to follow a simplistic and stylized with the shapes of colors of Kay Crystals (black and white geometric shapes with a background of space and stars).