Planet Hatz Legend

The different landmarks of the planet Hatz
The different landmarks of the planet Hatz

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure next, to the 3rd playable planet, known as Hatz, within the Saro Perspective.

As the Dreges within the mountains began to grow and evolve, they split off into two different people with very different ideologies and interests.  The “Low Dreges” (and the High Drege will eventually call them) eventually created a society outside of the mountain ranges, and became very practical, simplistic, and conventional; they lived off the land, and only used what they needed.  The High Drege, however, felt disdain for those who left, and over many centuries, they altered the mountains of their planet, created monumental cities in the place of their lost mountain peaks, and would ultimately – during their most xenophobic era – create a bio-weapon, of sorts, to destroy any Drege that wasn’t above a certain altitude.  However, which is the main catalyst for the Low Dreges retaliation many years afterwards, the weapon greatly impeded the growth of most flora, fauna, and water-sources on the surface, which led to a very sick and desperate faction of people.  Over time, the Low Dreges were able to seek vengeance in the form of an “atom-erosion” weapon, that would sadly change the face of their planet, and the course of their species, irreparably, forever.

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