Buntaien Brawlers In-Game Overlay

The 1st conceptual interface for the Fighting title, "Legends of Saviors: Buntaien Brawlers"
A conceptual in-game overlay for the Fighting title, “Legends of Saviors: Buntaien Brawlers”

Within the 3D-Arena, Fighting title “Buntaien Brawlers,” players will be able to engage in many different modes, with a cast of diverse characters, on a various amounts of planets/Arenas, using powerful and distinct abilities to brawl against other Buntaiens (both offline and online).

This is the 1st Photoshop concept for the Fighting title of the “Legends of Saviors” series, melding several old and new ideas together to attempt to create simplistic, intuitive, yet bold interfaces that would eventually have informative animations (with sound cues) as to the abilities and overall health of all players involved.  I decided to use a Kay Crystal theme with all of the various overlay modules, and tried to use bright, signifying colors to bring out the most important information for the player.

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