Buntaien Brawlers In-Game Overlay, Cont.

Within the 3D-Arena, Fighting title “Buntaien Brawlers,” players will be able to engage in many different modes, with a cast of diverse characters, on a various amounts of planets/Arenas, using powerful and distinct abilities to brawl against other Buntaiens (both offline and online).

A follow up on the last post, dealing with a specific interface that would overlay the screen during the brawls, these three pictures will help explain the details of each color, module, and sprite that could, one day, make it in to a playable version (or at least a variation of it).  The Essence (once called “Elements”), Level-Select (the sprite of the planet), and the Dan Tien Medallion’s different components would eventually get animated, that could change after different events (losing Health [also known as Chi], gaining Essence, filling up with Power [also known as Soul], etc.), and could possibly be interacted with, based on the platform(s) the game could be released on (specially talking about possible mobile, tablet, and/or touchscreen versions, later on).

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