Inner Fire Shrine Model

An Inner Fire shrine dedicated to sacrificial ceremonies and summoning volcanoes
An Inner Fire shrine dedicated to sacrificial ceremonies and summoning volcanoes

Within the RPG titles of the “Legends of Saviors” are many planets with different creatures, people, cultures, and histories that will all have a unique and distinct look from one another, but following a similar style.  I hope to create models that reflect exactly what it is I’m looking for, and create a consistent look with everything.

The Combustion Brothers of the north – one of the two Katuar factions that once used to exist on a Primal Katu – with their amazing and ruthless abilities dealing with the control of lava and flame; in which they could explode trees and anything else with the appropriate, chemical make-up.  They eventually sought to control and recreate their planet, through setting their forests and jungles on fire, destroying the Grand Trees scattered across the world, and the summoning of various volcanoes all over the land.  During the end of a world-wide war, these tyrants were halted in their march to destroy the Soul Sisters of the south by the Normg Virus and its effects.  Over much time, the male Katuars are enslaved and kept as labor workers, entertainment, and reproduction; but this, in itself, begins an internal rebellion that grows over the years.  Eventually, the rebel faction – dubbing themselves “Inner Fire” – begin terrorist attacks against in their own people, in a faulty effort to seek societal change and sexual equality.  Some of the rebels were more fanatical than others, and in their fervor, they began to construct giant, volcano-shaped shrines, set them within a group of 3, all pointing to a specific spot in the land, and then sacrifice their captives in a most grotesque manner, in a tribute to appease their “god” – the now Fallen Father Volcano – so that they could create new volcanoes.

Yenen (aka Yin-En) Concept

The 2nd playable character of an ensemble cast
The 2nd playable character of an ensemble cast

Within the Fighting title and first RPG game of the “Legends of Saviors,” players can also take on the role of Yenen, the Energy Buntaien of Life, within the Saro Perspective.

Yenen, formerly designated “Yin-En” by Insignacious Kendell, is first met by the player when a certain character tries to awaken the hidden demon within Kaiel, but is dispatched almost too quickly.  Yenen tells Kaiel that he was raised on the broken and flooded islands to the east, but came to train under the RuMa of Par’N within the giant, plateaued mountain at the northern pole.  After spending many years harnessing his Buntaien soul against another Buntaien that lived within the RuMa Temple, he was tasked with finding the 3rd Buntaien of the Saro Perspective (5, being in all), in which he eventually surmises is Kaiel Genhold.  Yenen is a somewhat introverted person, and rarely talks about his past or childhood; almost as if he doesn’t even know, himself.  As your adventure progresses, you will find out that Yenen is far more integral to the overall story, than previously realized.

Planet Katu Legend

Katu Phases - Legend
The different landmarks of the planet Katu

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 2nd playable planet, known as Katu, within the Saro Perspective.

The Alpha Species of the planet evolved into feline-like humanoids who were obsessed with worshiping the various natural elements of their planet – more specifically, a giant volcano and giant well-spring, both sitting at the opposite ends of the planet.  The species ended splitting up into two different factions – with very different ideals, interests, and aesthetics – and were eventually pitted against each other in a world-wide war, using their innate abilities of fire and smoke.  Many years after the war ended – because of the advent of the Normg Virus,  which halted all fire-controlling abilities – the Soul Sisters of the South created an army in which they used to defeat and enslave the (now-named) Fallen Brothers of the North.  Eventually they created an empire that stretched across the entire planet, building cities at the bases of the remaining Grand Spire trees, and creating different Sekts in which they control their populace (especially the males).

Planet Katu History

Katu Phases - History
The history of the second playable planet, Katu

Within the first RPG title of the “Legends of Saviors,” the player will continue their cosmic adventure onto the 2nd playable planet, known as Katu, within the Saro Perspective.

A planet comprised mostly of forests and jungles, with giant rivers flowing from one end to the other. During the years before the Normg Virus affects the planet, the Alpha Species splits up into two different groups, both worshiping very different elements (one group worships the giant well-spring in the south, while the other one worships the giant volcano in the north).  After many years after their war was cut short – whereas the northern group was on the cusp of almost totally destroying the southern Katuars and their culture – the southern Katuars decides to create an army that will eventually defeat and enslave the northerners.  Once all of the Katuars come together as one people, they create an empire where children are seen as their greatest resource, and their civilization is completely controlled by the females (while the males are used for mostly labor and entertainment).