Kaiel Genhold Concept

Kaiel Portraits
The first playable character of an ensemble cast

Within the Fighting title and first RPG game of the “Legends of Saviors,” players can take on the role of Kaiel, the Water Buntaien of Movement, within the Saro Perspective.

Kaiel Genhold, the son of Trad Genhold (the former leader of the South Bridge Brigade), was raised in the small town of Jumpur, just north of South Bridge.  As a young child, he witnessed his father being slain by a North Bridge Commander, but at the same time, his father was able to deal a fatal hit.  As the Commander fell in battle, what appeared to be a demon jumped out of its body and swarmed around the boy hiding among the trees, not too far off.  Ever since, Kaiel has had incredible mental and physical strengths, in which he eventually decides to join the main college of North Bridge, to figure out ways to use the dead-tech that scatters his planet.  However, during his nightlife, he dabbles in secretive and lucrative fighting bouts, in which he is typically the victor.

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