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Various types of websites, mostly all created using HTML, HTML5, and CSS, that I had to create for others’ businesses and my own.

YetiTech Computers Website ***100th Post!***

A later website I created for one of my side businesses, YetiTech Computers
A later website I created for one of my side businesses, YetiTech Computers

During my first couple of semesters at BCTC, I was not only tasked with learning InDesign, Maya, Unity, and a plethora of other programs, I also had to learn and utilize HTML, HTML 5, and CSS for create basic-responsive websites as part of my Graphic Designs track.  After turning them in, I went back to some of them to redesign them and to make them more personable for those who were to visit them!

For my final project in my Web Design class, I was to take all of the knowledge I had acquired up to that point, and create something that transcended what I had done previously.  At the time, I was in the early stages of trying to get a local, 2-man business off of the ground (entitled “YetiTech Computers”), to help those who wanted to get into PC gaming, but didn’t know exactly how to build their own rigs.  In doing so, among the plans was to also create a website – so both seem to coincide – hence why I ended up using my business idea for my final website.

I got the idea for the main page from another website I had frequented around the same time, and used a more “vertical” style this time around (compared to the other 3 sites) with the page buttons and whatnot.  I feel the only drawback to this site is that it does not sport a responsive design, but I do plan on implementing some responsive features later on, along with some other bells and whistles to help along some of the e-mailing parts (the questionnaires being a major one); below is the link if you are interested, but be aware that YetiTech Computers is on hiatus at the moment, and your answers to the questionnaires will not be received at this time.