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KFTC Bumper Sticker #1

A bumper sticker for KFTC

As for the most recent piece of the KFTC brand line that I’ve completed and sold, I got to add in a color for once…yay!  Typically, the crass style my client wants is very monochrome, but since the red star burns brightly through the black and white, it really helps the word “Socialism” stand out because of placement.

I did a couple of variations before my client decided upon this one.  I was messing around with the placement and sizes of each word.  I was experimenting on where the star would be, at different angles, and with different sizes.  I also played around with the word “Extinction,” seeing what kind of disappearing effects I could create (at one point, I had copy and pasted 3 different sized bullets holes onto each letter of the word, increasing in number from left to right, where the letter “N” was almost unreadable).

Even though I, personally, am not a huge advocate of Socialism (mostly because of my lack of actual knowledge on the subject – most of what I know is hearsay or propaganda), I have no qualms with helping others with slightly different belief systems.  Typically, I would never help promote hate or violence, or perpetuate unethical or downright “wrong” systems of thoughts, but I know my client rather well, and he is a intelligent person with a lot of forethought.  I understand his brand is a bit brash (a man after my own heart, haha), but I understand the subtle messages behind the overt and obvious brashness, and agree with his methods.  I hope to continue to work with him on future projects!