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Deving in the Dojo – Maya Model Tutorial

To take a slight break from DeskMate icons and “DDnD”-related stuff, I thought I’d dig around a bit in my old stash of creations and post something slightly different.  Most might not realize this, but I actually have 3 different YouTube channels – one that encompasses everything Ronin Yeti, another that is basically a library of home videos from my past, and lastly, a Gaming Dojo channel, that was originally created for the sole purpose of teaching people about video games in various ways (how to make them, issues and facts, etc.).

One of my colleagues from HVRE last year convinced me that I should help others make games, considering I need all thew help I could get initially.  With that motivation, I sought out to begin creating a small, 3-episode mini-series on the very basics of creating a model, importing it into a game engine, and finally animating said model.  With all of the stuff that was going on at the time (and still is happening), I only really got time to make the first episode, of which I am somewhat proud of, to be quite honest.

The above video teaches one how to simply make a hand model in Maya, showing off the best and quickest way to create what is normally seen as a hassle in 3D model creation.

Enjoy the video, and hopefully I’ll get back to finishing up this mini-series soon, and begin creating others, as well!

Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #5

The previous four episodes of this series was created before I enrolled back into college in 2015, and before I was using Adobe programs (like Photoshop and Premiere); back then I was forced to wrangle Windows Movie Maker and Paint to get what I wanted.  After the release of the 4th episode, I was enthralled to find out that people were actually starting to dig these videos, and was garnering way more likes and views from this series than anything else I had previously worked on.  With the advent of school approaching, and no free time in the foreseeable future, I put “Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights” on the back burner, until I had more time on my hands, and knew more about certain computer software (so that I could truly capture the essence of what I wanted to see in these videos – of which, as said before, the 4th one came pretty damn close).

Finally, after almost 2 years, I took what I had learned with Premiere and Photoshop and finally created a long-awaited 5th episode.  I wanted to keep with some of the same themes I had been using (like different voices, humor in the script, awesomeness in the clips, and some graphics with sound effects, here and there), and tried to make a simpler version compared to the ones that came before.  There aren’t nearly as many graphics floating about, and the voices are pretty tame (I was trying to capture the sound of each character’s voice and dialect), but if one were to boil down this series, I feel this video would sum it up pretty well (even though the 4th episode is still mine and other people’s favorite).  As the lack of views might attest to, this episode didn’t get the same amount of attention like the previous ones (maybe because I waited too long to keep people’s attentions, or maybe because it’s just not as good as the others), but if I end up making more episodes in the future, I want to make them just as priceless as episode #4.

Enjoy the video!

Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #4

In keeping with the newest themes I had been implementing thus far with previous episodes, I wanted to finally take all I had learned from my minor stint in video editing, and create something that would truly shine amongst them.  I created new voices (and brought back some older ones), I inserted even more graphics, I dabbled in sound effects, and added a few other things.  Out of the five episodes I have done so far, I feel this is my magnum opus of this series, and hope to make any and all future episodes just as humorous, clever, and entertaining.

Enjoy the video!

Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #3

Getting into the 3rd episode of my little highlight show I created before enrolling back into college in 2015, I was wanting to ride the coattails of the last episode, keeping some of the themes I had experimented with, and dabbling in some new ones, as well.  I felt three clips was still a good number, to keep people interested and entertained in a relatively short time-frame.  I also wanted to do some more voices for this one, but this time I used two new voices among the clips instead of just one, like last time.  As for the newest theme I wanted to introduce, I felt like adding in different graphics to different parts of each clip, to sort of emphasize specific words, phrases, etc., and to bring about a new layer of comedy, if possible.

Enjoy the video!

Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #2

After making what I call my “pilot” episode, I wanted to move onto the 2nd episode, carrying some of the same themes as before (like 3 different clips, all clips showing off either a great win or a great embarrassment for myself, and a couple of other minor things).  However, this time around, I felt like adding in a bit more comedy; with both the clips, themselves, and the way I narrated what was going on over them.  One way I did this was to add in a character voice for the 3rd clip, as if I was actually in the game, itself (or at least the character in the game recalling the events of the clip being shown).  I felt, at the time, that myself doing a voice or two fit well with what I was wanting to create, and kept that in mind for the next episode.

Enjoy the video!

Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #1

Before enrolling back into college years ago, I was dabbling in a few things that I thought would help me figure out what I really wanted to do in life.  Like with most big gamers out there at the time, I was getting involved in the whole Let’s Play craze of streaming video games to excitable onlookers through Twitch.  Alongside my digital travels into the unknown with online friends at my side, I also wanted to start creating something (and not just playing games for likes and laughs).  That’s when, in my free time away from streaming different Let’s Play series’, I also began to record myself playing games without an audience, and would eventually take some of those random clips and throw them together into short and sweet compilation videos using nothing but Windows Movie Maker (wretch).

I will admit, this first video did not capture the feeling nor the editing skills I wanted to convey (but then again, I had only had experience editing off the beginnings and endings of my prior streamed videos, so this was an entirely different project), but eventually, in my later episodes of “Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights,” I am able to encapsulate the type of humor and nuances into nice little packages that this one somewhat lacks.

Enjoy the video!

Lexplay ’17 Dreams Coverage

After 6 months of hard work designing, scripting, testing, and everything else involved with the development cycle of a video game, myself and the team of HVRE got to show off what we had created throughout most of 2017 at Lexplay Gaming Convention ’17 in Lexington, Kentucky for an entire weekend.  I am so grateful to the members who helped work on my games with me, and also the group, in its entirety, because it would have been a completely different type of challenge to have done what was accomplished.

Enjoy the video!