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Various updates on myself and the different projects that are currently in the works.

An Introduction

Hello and good day to everyone out there who might be reading this!  This will be my first post for my first, true sub-domain.  I have had my digital tendrils in many sites before (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), but never before have I had my own site to consistently post updates about all of the video game projects I have currently in the works.  I am excited to reveal various aspects of the “Legends of Saviors” series (also known as “Project STARCK”) as they develop, and bookmark this page if anything peaks your curiosity!

I am currently a student under a Video Game Design track, and am striving for my Associate’s Degree; which at this moment will be 1 year from now!  I have always enjoyed the mechanics, game play, stories, characters, and inner-workings of video games, and finally decided a year ago that I wanted to transform this passion into a full-blown career.  In actuality, my creative side for all things video games started many years ago – playing around with creating my own D&D campaigns, creating short novels, and even delving into RPGMaker for a bit – but as I said before, it was more of an intense hobby than anything else.

Now with a fresh breathe of motivation, I feel I can finally create something of import, and possibly change the face of the gaming industry as a whole!  However, I can not do it alone, so please feel free to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for all things Ronin Yeti and “Legends of Saviors!”