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CONvenience Bumper Sticker

CONvenience Bumper Sticker Montage

To further expand Ronin Yeti Designs’ personal brand – known as “Death by Design” – I have created a third piece to add to the roster of ever-growing stuffs.  This time, instead of creating a parody of an organizational slogan or corporate logo, I wanted to create something original; both in text, graphic(s), and medium.  Stemming from my somewhat biased perspective on corporate America and how hypocritical and ultimately self-defeating it seems to want to be, I wanted to point out the simple fact that the USA (and also a lot of other first-world countries) seem to overpay on nothing more than convenience.

One obvious example is when one goes out and eats a meal at a restaurant for, on average, $15-20.  Generally, the amount of money it might take to make the same meal (if not even fresher and perhaps better for someone, taste and health-wise) would be – again, on average – around 1/4 or less than the price of the already prepared meal.  Granted, some people can’t (or won’t) cook, and some ingredients are harder to come by than others at a grocery store, but more often than not, what you are mostly paying for in America (regardless if it’s food, products, or even certain services) is the convenience of not having to do the work behind the food in one’s mouth or the doctor bill someone just racked up.

I could go into more examples – and dear reader, you might disagree with me – but to see such a truth in such an environment can be easy if one were to ask themselves a question: if people chose to create for themselves more so than have others do it for them, what would happen to the consumer-producer relationship?  From my perspective, I feel there would be a horribly wonderful imbalance, and the power of ordinary people would overtake that of our corporate overlords.  In essence, when we blindly eat what is given to us, or buy without questioning true worth, or perpetuate paranoid schemes or ideas for the sake of security, we are effectively making ourselves weaker and more dependent on businesses and people who care about their bottom-dollar, and not a person’s well-being in any capacity.  I hate to sound like I’m generalizing all corporations like this, and indeed, I’m sure there are a few that aren’t as “evil” as I’m describing, but the whole “corporate mentality” – as I have coined it – is bent on doing 3 things to their employees and customers:  supplication of the mind, castration of the heart, and the domination of the soul.  Dramatic?  Perhaps, but when’s the last time we, as truly patriotic Americans, fought against an entrenched enemy on native soil?  1776 comes to mind.

I guess as a tl:dr, the basics of what I’m trying to convey with this bumper sticker is “stop being scammed into spending all of your hard-earned money on shit you don’t need or even genuinely want.”  Thanks Mister Durden!