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For the past 3 months I have been working very hard on updating all of my social media sites, getting them and myself ready for landing a job in the gaming industry.  Whether it was this blog that you are on right now, my Youtube channel, my online, living portfolio – or any of the many others –  I felt like I needed to start marketing myself once again, but with an injection of new content and fervor!

As for some of the next several posts (among other content), I will be briefly posting about each of these different sites, and giving out the link to said website.  If you, whoever is reading this, does not feel like waiting for me to post about them, you can always go ahead and check them out within the “Sites” page, in between the “Games” page and search bar, to see where I linger within the webs!

So, here if the official Ronin Yeti Designs Unity Connect Page, where I meet and talk to others who are using the Unity gaming engine for most of their projects.  I have been updating it recently with all of the projects I have been talking about on here, so if you would like even more information on any of my gaming projects, check it out!

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