DeskMate Homepage Pencil Holder Icon v1

Interactive Pencil Holder icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Now back to more animated DeskMate homepage icons, of which I present the pencil holder .gif!  Considering the other .gifs I’ve posted so far have been relatively tame in an animation sense (except for the paper stack one – which was still somewhat simple to create), I eventually wanted to challenge myself further.  Rather than simply making something do a circle or changing up movements slightly with each frame, I wanted to test myself to see if I could animate using some of the principles of animation created long ago.

Taking into consideration the slow in and slow out method and also some basic timing, I wanted to create the illusion of pencils bouncing up (off of their erasers), and then falling somewhat slowly back into place.  To achieve this, I had to take each pencil, and firstly animate them jumping up into a pose.  To create the faster movement of them jumping up, less frames were used for each pencil.  To create the slower movement of them falling back into place, I used more frames for each pencil, putting them back into place where they first began.

I realize that the above example might not be the best presentation of the two animation principles I brought up, but considering this was my very first attempt at using them in a 2D manner (typically I’ve only used animation principles while animating 3D models – which is probably a bit tougher considering they have 3 axis compared to the 2 I’ve been working on with these icons), I believe this animation turned out pretty swell.  I do plan on going back to each .gif down the road and revamping them, but for now, this will do, pig.

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