DeskMate Homepage Paper Stack Icon v1

Interactive Paper Stack icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Continuing on with even more DeskMate animated icons I have created recently (in an attempt to help my wife with her side business’ website), I would like to present you with this new one!  With each icon I wanted to challenge myself differently (mostly because I’ve never animated in this way before, and have never created .gifs based on my own graphics).  With the first icon I posted not too long ago, I just used basic rotation on the flower, going at 15 degrees every frame.  With the second icon, I also rotated a certain part of the icon (the swirling cream), but also messed around with scaling for the heart, to create the illusion of it beating.  As for this third icon I worked on, I thought I’d try actually animating the pieces, one frame at a time, one piece at a time, and not just do a simple rotation or transform movement.

What you see above is what came out of this newest challenge, and I think it turned out pretty nicely.  The only drawback to this icon being used in the website, is that, for now, it doesn’t loop its animation.  I was playing around with different export settings with each of the icons – to learn more about .gif creation – and I just so happened to export this one on one loop (considering the animation itself is about organizing).  I am more than likely going to go back and make it to where the last few frames show the papers being scattered out to their original points, to have the .gif infinitely loop, making the stack of papers constantly move around like the other icons seem to do.

*(I have updated the above .gif with a few more frames, so that it now seamlessly loops infinitely.)

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