Player Turn Effects v1

The Player Turn effect in action

Now that we’ve gone over most of the VFXs seen on the Map Viewer side of the GM Interface for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” in earlier posts, we can start going over what can be seen on the Player Viewer side of things.  As simple as it looks above, the indication of whose turn it is in the game (typically while in battle, considering when players are exploring, they typically stay in a group, and move and act organically instead of in a turn-based way) is only dependent on whose portrait is glowing yellow from the background.  To achieve this small effect, a GM just needs to click on whichever Character Medallion’s turn it is (which the Medallions will be on the Map Viewer side, as explained before), and the designated portrait will light up!  Clicking and dragging away the mouse cursor from each Medallion will also turn off the golden portraits.

This was one of the last effects I created in a desperate attempt to finalize a “perfect” version of the GM Interface the first time through.  As we all know, iteration is the mother of greatness, so I want everyone (even the current players, included) to know that I still plan on going back to recreate a lot of effects, graphics, and systems and overhaul them in appropriate and miraculous ways!

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