Interface Soul Charges (Yenen’s)

On the Player Viewer side of the GM Interface for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” I created a lot of elements that would be able to convey to players what was going with their characters during battles and each campaign, overall.  More often than not (other than during certain story-based events), players will only need to take their statistics into consideration when they are sparring with one another or battling against enemies.  One important aspect players must always consider when fighting is their Soul Charge Level.

Originally in the prototype fighting system “Buntaien Brawlers” that I created before I enrolled in college back in 2015, players had a Chi Gauge, a Soul Meter, and Soul Charges to indicate their basic statistics.  Every time a player would incur damage, their Chi Gauge would go down (according to a dice roll), while their Soul Charge would always go up by 1 point.  For every 4th Soul Charge accumulated (up to a maximum of 12), the player would gain a Soul Charge Level (up to a maximum of 3).  The importance of the Soul Charge system was to add in a level of growth and challenge during each battle, where for every Level gained, certain abilities could be used, and basic stats would be increased (based on which Level they had achieved).

The reason I just explained the Soul Charge system from an older project is because “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” also incorporates the same ideas and is portrayed through differently-colored emblem sprites for each of the 5 main Buntaien Characters.  For each Soul Charge Level achieved, a designated emblem will show up on the Player Viewer side, to the far right side of each character’s other statistics.

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