Original Character Cards

I previously posted the original template for the different Cards within the first version of the Character Deck for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” conveying the basics of what I thought the players would needs through all of the campaigns to come.  With that version still in mind, I wanted to test out what a more completed looking Statistic Card for each of the 5 main, playable characters.  What you see above is examples of what could happen, uniquely for each, during some of their travels.

For example, at this point with Yenen, he has acquired his unique Buntaien Weapon, which is now represented as a shadow of the weapon itself – just like with the Gear icons that players can acquire during campaigns.  He has also learned his first “Status” Ability (represented by the blue dot within the “S” row under Abilities) and his first “Healing” Ability (represented by the blue dot within the “H” row under Abilities).  As well, he has apparently found a Kay crystal in his travels, with the memory of the intact North Bridge city – that was once one of the two technological capitals of the world – and could help the player figure out the mysteries of planet Par’N more easily.

As for the others shown, they all follow the same structure as with Yenen, except the content will be specific for each character (as with Wajoby getting a shield-like Buntaien Weapon compared to Yenen’s sword, some players may choose to learn certain Abilities in a different order than others, and Kay Memories can only be learned by one character for each crystal that is found, so those will be unique to each character, as well).  I will eventually post the second version of the Character Deck I created during the first run through of Campaign #1, to show off some of the new structure and features.

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