Transpatium Control Panel Artwork

The “Transpatium Control Panel” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

Like with the last showcase picture from “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” that I blogged about, this one, as well, was created by taking an image of a previous model I had created, and threw it on top of a background from the room that it can be revealed in by players.  Essentially, this control panel was for what was known as the “Transpatial Training Room” (when it was a part of a college project I did in 2017), and is now being used for basically the same thing, but in a slightly different room called the “Transpatium Exedra,” inside of the RuMa Earth Temple of planet Par’N.  Like with the Adytum Apex Tower and the RuMaeum Door, this one also has a slight puzzle built into its design, in which the players will have to solve if they want to train inside this “holodeck,” of sorts, to further the first campaign.

The post dealing with the original version of Transpatium Exedra room can be found here, if interested!

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