Original Character Deck Template

While in the midst of creating the GM interface and all of the assets that would be needed for it to work and be presentable, I had to also consider creating something that would help tie the players to their characters (other than the basic statistics on the Player Viewer side of the interface).  Like with Dungeons and Dragons – where players have unique character sheets – I, too, wanted to devise my own Character Cards to help explain who their characters are, what they can do, what can be unlocked, and other bits of information that would be prudent.

What you see above is the first template for what I coined a “Character Deck,” which – at this point – has three different pages (or “Cards”) with varying amounts of information.  The first Card is known as the “Statistics Card,” and has all of the necessary stats, abilities, and other battle-related data for one’s character.  Each character portrait would be put into the middle, with their names and Essences right above (these would never change throughout the game).  As for the other parts, throughout each Campaign, players would be able to build upon what they start out with, learning new abilities, find and wearing gear, obtaining special memories from Kay crystals, and unlocking their unique Buntaien weapons.  As for their Chi and Soul numbers, those would change dependent on what was happening during a battle, but their maximum numbers will always stay the same under normal circumstances.

The second page is known as the “Inventory Card,” and as you might have already guessed, is where players can jot down all of the items they find in their journeys (whether it’s a makeshift torch or an important quest item).  As for the third page, it is known as the “Personal Card,” and gives a sort of in-depth introduction to what the characters look like, how they act and treat others around them, and a little bit of history; all should help players role play as their chosen Buntaien and give them some understanding to their character.

During the first team’s run through in the first Campaign, I saw that this template wouldn’t last for future playthroughs, so I ended up creating a newer 4-page Deck, with some minor changes here and there that would allow for some newer aspects of the game.  I plan on posting that version eventually, as well!

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