DDnD Campaign #1 Player Gear Icons

Considering “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” is still an RPG at heart, it was bound to have collectibles that players would be able to gather through puzzles, trials, hidden locations, etc.  I coined a certain tier of collectibles I created as “gear:” items that can be worn by the player’s characters like clothing, armor, and other physical embellishments.  For now (with the items created above), I have not tacked on any statistics or augmentations of any kind with these pieces, but instead are just collected for personal aesthetics.  Perhaps in future campaigns, gear will give statistic bonuses or some other type of benefit to players and their characters, but for now, I just wanted to give player’s something to collect in Campaign #1.

As for what you are seeing above, I created four different icons of the shadows of a gear set known as the “RuMa Temple Gi.”  All pieces of the set are made from a very elastic, yet durable material, colored with a very dark, black die.  On certain parts of each piece of the set, unique symbols will show up in a dazzling and exclusive color dependent on the temperament of one’s soul who wears them.  For example, if the blue-haird Yenen were to don the pants, yellow streaks of lightning would show up from each bottom hem, trailing up and above each knee.

The gear shown above is a headband, a shirt, a pair of hakama pants, and a pair of slippers.  In days of old on Par’N (where this set of gear can be found), certain priests of different religions would leave their homes, families, and scriptures to make a pilgrimage to the sacred Earth Temple on the northern pole of the planet.  On their journey, they were to bring a shard of Kay crystal with them, in order to use it to create their own RuMa Temple Gi set, and begin their new lives as monks of the temple.

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