RuMaeum Doorway Artwork

The “RuMaeum Door” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

I wasn’t going to post the other two showcase pictures I had created for the first campaign of “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” considering I had actually posted about them in a different light years ago, but considering that was a while ago, I thought I might as well show them off, again.  As for the third showcase picture, I took a model I had created for a college project – which was part of an entire level of a different game I had created prior – and implemented it into an image for the players to see.  Initially, this door was to be part of what will be later known as the “Transpatium Exedra” training facility within the RuMa Temple, but considering I didn’t feel it jived well with the theme of that very technological-ridden room, I made it the gateway to a very special library, also in the RuMa Temple of Par’N.

In “DDnD,” players must figure out how to open this special door, because apparent actions – like simply pushing the doors open – do not seem to work.  Like with the Adytum Apex tower in the very first section of the campaign, this, too, has a certain puzzle that must be solved before entering this archive of lost knowledge.

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