DDnD GM Interface v1.0

First version of GM interface for DDnD – Unsung Saviors

As I might have mentioned in a previous post regarding “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” (or even “DDnD,” as a whole), it was initially to be just your run-of-the-mill Dungeons and Dragons, except hosted on my Gaming Dojo Discord channel, and with my own set of streamlined rules, characters, stories, etc.  Amid the creation process, I was having a hard timing controlling all of the sub-systems I had come up with (considering all I was going to show players were the map of the areas they were going through, and I would have to mark off all sorts of stuff on paper or whatnot).  As they say, “hardship breeds creativity,” so with some more elbow grease and several weeks of work, I came out on the other end with what you see above!

So, again, instead of myself and the players having to keep up with stats and all sorts of stuff, I wanted to have an interface that I, as the Game Master, could interact with, would be able to showcase said stats, maps, and everything in between.  There are two interactive sides to the interface, and the background has a basic wooden theme, for now (of which I plan on creating more backgrounds to go along with the different campaigns the players go on).

The left side of the interface is the “player viewer” – where they can see their player portraits, names, Essences, and basic statistics that is mostly used with the fighting system.  I plan on overhauling the player viewer, having to implement new scripts to take care of other sub-systems and new sprites to show off certain aspects of each character, but as far as the first campaign went, it was very useful for what I needed.

As for the right side of the GM interface, I call it the “map viewer,” and as you might have guessed, and it is used to show the players where they are in the game world, where they can move along, on a grid, as one can see, things they can interact with (for example, the giant, gold and black exclamation mark is known as a POI – or point of interest – and can be revealed to show off a showcase picture -of which I have posted two different ones, so far), and all sorts of other visual embellishments.

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