RuMa Temple Shrine Throne Artwork

The “Shrine Throne” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

Like with the Adytum Apex Tower, I went on to create several more different “showcase pictures” to be able to show off to the players of the game what it was they were actually looking at and interacting with.  This one, in particular, is the first one players get to reveal while inside the RuMa Temple (while the last one I posted about was outside, on top of the mountainous temple).

Not to give too much away, but this golden-colored memorial, of sorts, was once used by RuMa monks to both pray to their deity, and to actually conjure it up into a physical form.  Lighting the vine-like incense on both sides of the shrine-throne, a sparkling black and white smoke billows forth and coagulates into the inside of the padded area.  In under a minute, RuMa is able to take shape as a giant, floating, undulating, smoking head of what looks like an aged and wise Par’Nian (which is the main, native species of the planet that this first campaign takes place on).

Players will be able to follow in the steps of monks of old, and meet the very same entity that came to their dreams and beckoned them to such a stalwart and mysterious place.   Players are encouraged, at this point in the game, to ask as many questions as they can muster, to figure out more about the world they are on, the characters they are playing, and their purpose in the game, itself.

I am very proud of the “showcase pictures” I made for this campaign, pushing my Photoshop skills to the limit, and allowing me to be able to create things that have only been in my head, thus far.  I created two more “showcase pictures” for this first campaign, and might end up posting them as well down the line!

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