Adytum Apex Tower Artwork

The “Adytum Apex Tower” on top of RuMa Temple of Par’N

After a lot of contemplating on which direction I was going to take the stories and characters of “Legends of Saviors” next, I decided that instead of creating more standard games (like with “Sol Mates” and “Yenen’s Tale”), I would experiment a little and go back to some of video game’s roots; specifically speaking about Dungeons and Dragons.  Over a few months (on and off), I worked on taking the basic rules and feel of DnD, and transcribing it into a version that could be played on a Discord channel.  Creating a more streamlined experience, I took the rules from a prototype I had been working on (dubbed “Buntaien Brawlers,” yet another “Legends of Saviors” game), added in my own flair, and was able to come up with something that was consistently sound (mechanics and gameplay-wise) and even interesting.  However, I was far from being done with this first campaign in the making.

Instead of just posting static maps on Discord for the players to navigate through, I thought I’d actually create an interactive GM interface that would both assist me in making the game easier to manage during play, and also would be entertaining to any players involved!  What you see above is just one part of the interface I mentioned, and is a “showcase picture” of a landmark the players can reveal during the beginning of their travels in the first campaign.  It is a gold-colored, 5-tiered tower that sits atop the RuMa Earth Temple of Par’N, and it used for both prayer (from the local monks), and as the first puzzle that players must solve to actually get inside the temple, itself.

I will continue to post a lot more about this unique, digital tabletop experience (named “DDnD – Unsung Saviors”) in upcoming posts, and will show off a lot more showcase pictures, .gifs of effects, maps, and all sorts of other goodies!

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