WotW: Dogma Book Cover v2

WotW Dogma book cover version #2

I didn’t really talk any about the first version of the book cover in a previous post about “WotW: Dogma,” because I wanted to give you all a little background on where the idea of the book even came from; my motivations behind its creation.  The content of the book, overall, is a sort of off-beat “coming of age” story, about a young man who meets another young man, who of which alters his future, forever.  The story is from a very personal first-person perspective of the protagonist.  Not only do you see the entirety of the book through his eyes, but one of the big themes I was trying to convey was perspective.  As the reader goes through the story, I truly tried to capture a feeling that they were actually in the protagonist’s head the whole time – almost like the reader is his own brain – feeling and even thinking the way the main character does.  According to some of the beta-readers that have finished so far, that feeling does seem to come off here and there, but we’ll have to see if that stays true for the rest of the peer-reviewers.

The above book cover came to my mind’s eye one day, and I really liked the imagery, so I booted up ye olde Photoshop, and began editing the first version into what you can see.  I would go into detail on the whys and the whats, but that would be giving away valuable tidbits, and I can’t afford new readers to already know all of the answers of the book, haha.  Suffice to say, with this version – even though I think it looks fantastic with the monochrome look, with a splash of red to help set the tone – it almost seemed too much.  In all honesty, it reminded me more of what the book cover of the third novel in the trilogy might look like (and yes, I failed, up to this point, to say that “Dogma” is supposed to be the first of a 3-book series), so I eventually scaled back some of the grandness, and began working on a 3rd version (of which I will post soon).

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