Dreams Presentation at Morlan Gallery

After months of working on our games for HVRE 2017 (a collection of games known simply as “Dreams”), we were invited to several events to host and show off what we had done.  The first of the events was the Rules & Play Interactive Art Exhibit that happens twice a year in Lexington, Kentucky.  The third would eventually be what we had building up to this whole time; Lexington’s only gaming convention, Lexplay ’17.  However, in between those two events, we got to present our work at three different showings at Transylvania University’s own Moral Art Gallery, as part of a theme of futuristic, interactive art.

The first two showings at Morlan were fairly tame, garnering a couple dozen people (or more) at each one.  We got to relax and let others play our games using the Vive VR headset, as we conversed with our onlookers about the development process that had transpired.  For the last showing at Morlan, it was to be more of a presentation, rather than just simply allowing random art goers to come in and out to look at the gallery.

Myself and the technical lead of “Dreams” got the chance to stand in front of a decent crowd (with definitely more people than had attended before), and for an hour we got to both talk about and show off all of the hard work we had put into it.  The curator of the gallery seemed quite pleased with our presentation and the games we had created, as well as the students, art seekers, and walk-ins that were there that day.  It was great to be able to converse with an audience about something I am passionate about, and gave me a boost of confidence seeing so many people interested.  We were even interviewed by a writer for a local magazine and was placed in a printed article the very next month.

Enjoy the video!

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