SPAce (Dreams Version) Logo

The logo for SPAce (Dreams Version)

“SPAce” was the third and final game I helped work on for HVRE 2017’s collection of games known simply as “Dreams.”  Completely conceived from the ground up by my fiance (who also has been a member of HVRE as long as I have), she wanted to create something akin to her most favorite of video games: “Myst.”  Like most traditional point-and-click adventures, this was was going to include locomotion through various static points in the game.  For example, the game starts out in a hallway, but you are only allowed to look around (not move, just yet).  The only way to move forward is to solve a small puzzle to get into the actual spa area; and the rest of the game echoes this simple mechanic.

Taking my wife’s ideas (from her notes and drawings), I jumped into Maya and Photoshop and within just a couple of weeks, I had a working and somewhat functional white box prototype for viewing; and suffice to say, she was beyond ecstatic.  We had some other members of HVRE jump on board, seeming interested in this sort of game, and the end result is exactly (according to my fiance’s words) what she was wanting out of it.

Like with the other two games I worked on in 2017, we got to show this game off at two different art galleries and even a gaming convention.  During those events, compared to all of the other games in the project (both of my own and everyone else’s), this one seemed to garner the most attention, downloads, and smiles!  I loved working on a functional game with my fiance and love, and would surely enjoy doing it again (or even updating this version into an ever better one).

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