Milestone Meeting #1 for Yenen’s Tale (Dreams Version)

Back in 2016, I joined a group of local video game devs (eventually called “HVRE” – “Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience”) in a pursuit to create a horror game for a high-end Vive VR headset (the game in question, was “Mortimer’s Mansion,” which I have blogged about before).  The next year to follow, we decided to not stick with the horror theme, but was asked, instead, to think about our dreams, and how we could transcribe such thoughts into video game form.  Also, another change for 2017, was the fact we were making our collection of games (under one title, “Dreams”) not for high-end machines, but quite the opposite; smart phones with the Google Cardboard attachment.

When questioned about my dreams in particular, all I could think of was the “Legends of Saviors” series I had (and still do) been working on for most of my life and how releasing a game from that series would truly be a dream come true for me.  I took it upon myself to not only work on 1 game (which was the mandatory minimum for each member), but eventually I would take on 3 different games; doing a lot more work compared to the previous year, where I only worked on one puzzle for one game.

The first game I wanted to implement was to be continued from the final project that I had worked on in college, called “Yenen’s Tale;” a short and sweet, low-poly romp through a strange forest area.  Even though this game was meant to have a static camera angle, and was definitely not meant for VR, I had a couple of other members help me in my endeavor to “port” this title to the Google Cardboard.  We were also eventually able to add in even more features that I did not get to during my previously-taken classes!

Enjoy the video!

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