Phi Theta Kappa Sticker

PTK sticker templates
The voted-on, finalized sticker

While I attended BCTC for my Associate’s degree, I was accepted into a national honor society known as Alpha Phi Kappa (or PTK – Phi Theta Kappa – as it’s known overall) for my consistently perfect grades and attendance.  As being a part of this group, I took vows to make sure I could do all I could for my chapter (and others, if feasible).  With that in mind, I had conversed with the current chapter president at the time, and we came up with some ideas to help market our honor society better (considering we were a 1-star chapter at the time, and didn’t have much in members, sadly).

One of the first ideas was to get our name out there as quick as possible, and with very little money and effort.  After a few days, we figured we’d “stick” to something small, but could be seen everywhere, and thought that a simple, yet impactful sticker would be exactly what we needed.  Eventually settling with a very simple template, and a 2-color palette, we decided on the Honor Society name as a whole, and added the small detail of the word “Bluegrass” to signify which chapter we were, specifically, with a nice bordering ring to keep the focus on the inside area.  With this, we could see them on cars, folders, laptops, lamp posts, wherever our marketing would take us!

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