KFTC Banner #1

The first of many pieces for the KFTC brand

After creating several marketing and advertising pieces for free for clients, mentors, and friends, I thought I’d actually try to make some money my with degree, and branch out even further create stuff either from scratch, or from the mind of a client or business.  Luckily for me, the previous president of PTK (the one who I collaborated on two projects already), who I also graduated with, was looking into a few projects of his own, and wanted me to help him with a certain brand he wanted to start up.

Having gone to other artists before me, and being either deceived by them, or completely ignored after paying for services still not rendered, I assured him I was not like that, and our professional relationship blossomed from there!  I have made many pieces for him over the past year, and will apparently continue to do so for a time, and the first of all of them created was the brazen “banner” you see above, not to be confused with wanting to kill “those who smoke crack,” but rather kill those who “deal crack” (my client’s words, not mine).  In either case, he wants to develop a very crass-styled, guerilla type of marketing here in the near future, and we will have plenty of pieces to show for it by then!

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