DeskMate Icon Concepts

A few different icons for the DeskMate company

My wife and very best friend is a successful supervisor at her job at Conduent, but last year she wanted to also branch out, seeing that I was starting my own little thing and actually getting paid for it.  With all of the skills and experience she had gained through her 4 years (starting as a lowly temp, and rising fast to her current position), she wanted to use them to create her own side business.  Eventually, she decided that the idea of a “Virtual Assistant” – something that is not yet common here in America – would fit her skillset the best.

Myself, being able to create marketing pieces for others, decided that I would help her build her style and brand, and started off small, making some basic icons to try to encompass the name she had picked, and the services she was offering.  At first, the monochrome style I had been used to wasn’t going over all too well with her, so she pulled out a small drawing she had done at work, and right then and there I knew what my newest “client” was looking for.  I took her idea and made two different versions (of which you can see above, on the bottom row) and she adored them.  She began using her new icons right away, putting them on contracts and the new web site she was beginning to build.

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