Altelier Banner Concept

Two different concepts for Altelier’s retractable marketing banner

Trying to stretch myself and what I thought I was capable of, I started wanting to make even more advertising and marketing pieces for not just my school or honor society, but for actual businesses, as well!  One such business was a local, small-numbers, short-lived company called Altelier VR, run by a mentor of mine in the video game industry.  She wanted to branch out and take her VR headsets on the road, as well as into the homes of potential clients, or even other businesses, themselves.

With a large list of possibilities for this newly-created service, we began to brainstorm together what services would be the most pertinent (especially in our local area), and which of those we should advertise the most.  One possibility was to create a fairly tall banner that would both captivate and inform those who would be coming up to our booths at job fairs, video game conventions, and other events, and let them know what we could offer them.  Eventually, we decided on two different templates for the banner in question, but never got the chance to get them printed.

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