Ronin Yeti Designs 2nd Logo Concepts

Different versions of the revamped Ronin Yeti logo/icon

During my time at BCTC, I have learned how to use Photoshop, Maya, Unity, and many other programs that I never even touched before.  I have been tasked with creating models, design documents, characters, logos, and many other creations and have been both challenged and enthralled with these projects!

After almost 2 years (at the end of time at BCTC), I was taskd with creating a business or company of my choice, so I obviously picked my own freelancing studio; which gave me the ample opportunity to FINALLY edit and revamp my previous logo (which I’m still very proud of, for a first try, back then).

My favorite of the 6 types of logos above is actually not one of the 6 at all; in fact, with my next post, my favorite logo is a very simple and stylized version of the bottom right one (which almost looks like the old logo, except perfected – which is probably why I like it so much).  Speaking of my next post, it will feature my revamped business card template, in which I currently use today.

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