Yenen’s Tale Assets, Part 5

A low-poly version of the “LoS” character, Yenen, for a current project

During my second foray into the college life, I decided to go for an Associate’s in Video Game Design (specifically for the artsy side of the process, rather than the technical parts, for now).  During these two years at BCTCS, I have learned how to create GDDs appropriately, construct 3D models using Maya, create textures for those models (using Photoshop and Maya), import assets and create small games with said assets within Unity, and learned overall about the new and old techniques it takes to make an efficient and unique video game.

After creating my first version of Yenen during my 3rd semester – a higher-poly version that, personally, didn’t fit any standard of excellence – I felt I needed to do him better justice, so when my last semester came around and I was tasked with creating a low-poly RPG, I knew I could definitely make something better than I had before; as they say, less is sometimes better.

With that being said, my inspiration were the oddly formed character sprites of the PS1 days (with games like FF7, FF9, Legend of LeGaia, etc.), and wanted to pay tribute to the games I grew up with and helped mold me into who I am today.  Even though this may seem like is a crude model to some (barely reaching 1,000 polys and keeping to a simplistic texture style), I am way prouder of this compared to the first one I staggered through, and can’t wait to start animating it (in which I will post about in a couple of months)!

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